Trying to Master the Elusive Ollie at 47

Lockdown Challenge Do an Ollie!

It started with a simple request from my son. We were out longboarding and he asked me to teach him some tricks. Apparently someone with a skateboard who can’t do any tricks is known as a poser and this is not something to aspire to! So I found an old shortboard lying around in a cupboard and quickly realised a few hard truths

  1. I didn’t know how to ollie (or any other tricks)
  2. It’s a lot harder than it looks
  3. I was determined to figure it out
Skating also seemed to be the perfect lockdown activity. A way to get some exercise, have fun and learn a new skill without having to travel. So I set myself the challenge of learning how to confidently hop onto the curb, something functional rather than just being a trick, which should also rid me of my poser status in the eyes of my son. I haven’t got there yet but I wanted to keep track of my progress so here it is while it's all still fresh in my mind.

My Ollie So Far......

Not the highest ollie and lots to work on but the basics are finally there after about 5 months of practice.


Back leg straight with pointed toes, front foot moving forwards.


Front foot in good position.


Levelled out above the ground


Landing with the front wheels first

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